The Specialists are based in Barlestone, Warwickshire and mileage for invoicing purposes is calculated from there.  We work mainly in schools but sometimes also venture into museums;  playgroups/playschemes and even childminders’ homes.

Currently, The Specialists’ core working area regularly covers

Leicestershire and parts of the West Midlands, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire for our full day visits.  We do not cover Birmingham or London and prefer to work as close to home as possible.

Full days visits are regularly undertaken up to about one hour’s drive from our base.  For reduced full day visits, half days and visits requiring both Specialists, your chosen location is required to be within about 40 mins/20 miles of our base and/or there are easy routes to get there.  The listed fees cover the service rather than specific staffing, so please see our T & C’s.