History Visitor In School or go on a Trip?

History Visitor In School

The Specialists have been full time, professional Living History school visitors for well over a decade, delivering thousands of workshops. We can offer some helpful hints on how to choose a suitable professional to visit your school.

Firstly, why should you book a visitor into school when there are many amazing places to visit which may be relevant to your topic?

  • No coach hire costs
  • The day is planned for you, risk-assessed and proven many times over
  • Value for money – we can keep around 100 children busy all day with one set fee – no charging per head, per workshop as many museums and venues do
  • There is no time wasted moving children from one location to another
  • School structure – Children left in their own environment may well be more ready to learn – without their expectations for a normal day being challenged
  • The Gift Shop!  No pressure on parents to provide money to be spent on trinkets which actually become a focus and just distract from the learning on the day
  • We offer a hands on service – various handling sessions and/or practical aspects to sessions and no ‘Don’t Touch’ signs

What can you expect from a good school visitor?

  • Subject knowledge – we field as many questions as we can throughout the day.  We constantly research and top up our subject knowledge
  • Presentation skills – we work fully in role to truly bring history to life
  • Authentic costume and artefacts/props
  • Risk Assessments; planning; invoices; rapid responses to enquiries
  • Credentials – this business is unregulated.  Some visitors will be part time re-enactors or enthusiasts.  Our sessions were all planned by Greg who is a qualified teacher (QTS) and we have both been full time Specialists for over a decade
  • Child-friendly planning and delivery
  • Teacher-friendly support materials!
  • DBS checks
  • Insurance

How can you help a History School visitor on the day?

  • Parking!  We move a lot of heavy kit into and back out of school usually single-handedly and throughout the day.  A reserved parking spot close to the best entrance is a must
  • Behaviour Management – you know your kids.  You are much better placed as the class teacher to help them get the most from the day by controlling them and we do appreciate it
  • Staffing – we cannot be left alone with classes for legal reasons but when teachers invest in the day, join in and interact with children during handling sessions, it makes a huge difference
  • Dressing Up – children and if possible adults dressed up really makes the day special
  • SEN – please let us know about any special needs and we will do our best to aid children’s learning
  • Back up plans – very rarely, we have been forced to re-schedule workshops due to heavy snow for instance so it is helpful to be prepared

Inspiring a Love of History

We feel lucky to do what we do and enjoy inspiring a love of History in the next generation.  We hope to visit your school in the near future.  Please contact us if you have any comments or enquiries on: greg@getthespecialists.co.uk